July 13, 2012

Weekend Links

Ahh the weekend. How I adore you!

Here are some great reads I wanted to share with you...

Ordinary Moments has written a beautiful piece to her daughter. Here is a quote: "Having THE PRINCE OF PEACE is what makes you a princess.  You are loved more abundantly by your Heavenly Father and you are complete in Him alone." Thanks to one of my dear readers for introducing this lovely blog to me!

Even though this next post has to do with ranching, I love it! The Sagebrush Sea gives a list of 25 Things I Want My Ranch Kids To Know. My favorite is number 10.

Speaking of judging...I get hate mail. Lot's. Who knew that wearing clothing would be so controversial. The main theme within those emails is the "judging" word. I'm sorry, have we met? Do you know who I once was?  Certainly not one to judge. Head on over to In the Nursery of the Nation to listen to a short clip on The Verse Pagans Love to Quote.

I woke up this morning to Jacqueline's Post, "Cracked Vessels" in my inbox. Her words were like a balm to my heart.

Living in the south has given us so many adventures! Are we really even in the south? I'm still trying to figure that one out. Anyway, sweet tea, chiggers, hurricane force winds...good times! I started a new blog called White House, Black Shutters so I can keep an account of it all. It's a work in progress since I will be writing it to and for my children. In the mean time, here is a short clip of something new and exciting to us!

Have a great weekend!

1 Modest Musings:

Eize en Annemieke said...

How sad that you receive hate mail. Maybe you can expect it if you want to follow Christ, but it doesn't hurt you less, I can imagine. To encourage you: your site and other sites have opened my eyes for being modest. It's not that big a topic in our country, so if it wasn't for blogs like yours...
Keep up the good work!
God blees you,