June 01, 2012

Cravings Giveaway!

What can be better than a cupcake?

The Word of God and a cupcake, of course!

I recently stumbled upon another website hosting a "scrumptious" giveaway for Cravings, the Devotional and I had to have one of my own!

This is so brilliant for busy mom's!

Craving's, the Devotional is a collection of 40 cards, written by a mom, based on the Psalms to encourage and nurture our relationship with the Lord when we crave Him, but somehow life get's ahead.

Let me explain where I am, and why I love this idea.
I have six children, three of whom I am teaching.
I have an infant who I nurse on demand, and two other toddlers. One who is still in diapers, so that is two in diapers, and all three nap, all at different times of the day.
Add in houseworks, meals, swim lessons and other various play and crafts.
Also, my husband works twelve hour days.

Please don't get me wrong, I am blessed beyond measure and LOVE the life I have be given!
I pray throughout the day. For my husband, my children, family and friends. 
I have tried to get into some routine of fitting in the Word, but for me, it doesn't always happen.
It's a challenge to get up at six in the morning to have some quiet time when I was already up three other times for nursing the baby or someone wet the bed or had a nightmare. 

I cherish the moments I have with my children when I read the Bible to them each day before we begin our lessons, however I crave time alone with God.

Craving's the Devotional is just that for me. 
Because even when I'm not constant,  He is!
Little morsels of the Word, resting on top of a cupcake, sitting next to the sink while I do dishes. The funny thing is, no one interrupts me while I'm doing the dishes!

Craving's, the Devotional is a great way to supplement your daily reading for a season if you need it. 
This sweet little cupcake would also make a wonderful gift!

 I was given a free cupcake in exchange for my honest review of Craving's. If you would like to purchase your own delightful cupcake, you may do so by going here

Or you have a chance to win one of your very own!

Be joyful always; pray continuallygive thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus~ Thessalonians 5:16-18


10 Modest Musings:

Rivers of Water said...

First I must say I am in the exact same place with children, six of them, and it appears at similar ages, and diaper stages and homeschooling!

Right now, I sit down and do an hour devotional with my children, we started this past Tuesday and have gone through the week using BibleStudyForAllAges...it is wonderful and has me reading the bible each day to prepare for the next days lessons, etc.

I don't get much time to have my own personal quiet time but this is better than nothing and I am still teaching my children the Lord's word.

Rivers of Water said...

I guess I should have said that we get up at 8am and do our morning chores and sit down by 9am. All beds made, breakfast eaten, and kitchen clean, showers, etc. and then we sit down for His word.

Elizbeth said...

I'm a mother of four and finally, with my youngest being 5, have gotten into the routine of getting up before the children in order to have quiet time. Sometimes it's an hour, sometimes 10 minutes, but it has been consistant (only with God's help) since January.

Andy and Jennifer said...

What a good idea!

Andy and Jennifer said...

Honestly, if I don't read before my kids get up, it doesn't happen. Sometimes 2 of my earlier risers get up and join me on the couch though...

Sharon K said...

First thing in the morning is my favorite time, but as I grow older and face health challenges I often find the morning is not me "best" time to give to God. If I cannot meet with Him in the mornings, I am on the alert throughout the day for a gap to sit down with my Lord. He often gives me these moments when I am actively on the lookout for them. I can tune out everything around me easier than some people, so even if in a public place I grab the time when I find it.
Having said that, I strive diligently to meet with Him in the first hour of the day whenever possible.

Elizabeth B said...

I try to read the Bible while I nurse. Sometimes I read aloud to my little one. It's one of the few times I can sit quietly during the day. :) (I also have a 2 yr old)

Carey C. Bailey said...

So glad it meets you where you are at in your journey! Thank for sharing. With Joy, Carey

Sara said...

I have a bible app on my phone. When I am up feeding in the middle of the night I try to get a little time in. It doesn't work most days, but I also have encouraging scripture right on the front page of my phone.

Rivers of Water said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift, I am blessed indeed to get news today of having won. God Bless~~