May 30, 2012

Modest Mentor Series~Jasmine

Welcome to Pure Modesty’s, Modest Mentors Series!

In the spirit of Titus 2, I have asked women whom I greatly respect and admire to answer a few questions that relate to modesty. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have all the answers nor have I arrived at being a “Modest Mentor” myself, because dressing modestly is more than just skirts!
I hope the interviews in this series will be helpful wherever you are in your journey of becoming a virtuous woman!

Today's interview is with Jasmine from Far Above Rubies!

What does Modesty mean to you?

It is a woman or man who perceives virtue, humility, discretion, and prudence to be characteristics that are revealed inwardly and outwardly.  

Have you always dressed modestly? Why? (if not describe briefly what changed.)

I was not raised with an awareness of the appropriateness of dress and conduct. I also did not know Jesus as my personal savior and my spiritual eyes were blind to the fact that I could make another person stumble by advances unsuitable for a young lady. 

When I accepted Christ as my Savior, God began a work of sanctification in my life which allowed for many changes. Dressing and behaving modestly was a very slow process because my heart was in dire need (and still is) of healing in this area. It is a complete transformation of how do I please God rather than man and my selfish desires.

How would you answer, "I can dress how I want because Jesus looks at my heart!"

A heart that has been transformed in the area of presentation and conduct will say, "Jesus, how do I look today? Am I pleasing to you? Is this outfit and my actions discreet and excellent in Your eyes? 

It's a totally different heart attitude when a woman has surrendered control of her appearance and behavior to God. 

What do you think is the greatest challenge women face today when it comes to purity and virtue?

I believe our greatest challenge as women is the constant message of perfection we receive from critical Christians. Instead of extending grace we hit with judgement that is harsh and cruel. Women turn from purity and virtue believing that God is this cruel judge wanting perfection from imperfect sinners. 

Secondly, the world's secular and deceptive message that a woman must look and behave a certain way to be accepted. I find this to be destructive and harmful to all women, but especially younger girls coming of age. If God's truth is not planted firmly in our hearts and minds, the lure of vanity and plastic beauty is extremely attractive.

Did you have a mentor? If not who was your greatest womanly influence?

No, I did not have a mentor early on in my christian walk. Unfortunately, many "Titus 2" women turn from a new believer who is dressing and behaving seductively instead of embracing and gently guiding the babe in Christ. Or, they are harsh and judgmental making one think twice about Christianity. 

Books became my mentors and I read everything on femininity and social graces.

It is only recently that I have had the privilege of being mentored by a 75 year old Christian woman. We meet weekly for accountability. 

Would you like to share any other wisdom with my readers?

I am well acquainted with the Samaritan woman who saw and tasted of the Living Water. Mary who was filled with demons and mad wild for the healing of One. Mocked and judged for her sensuality and insanity; Jesus made her whole. 

It has taken years for me to believe that beauty and modesty is something more right and holy than a seductive spirit set to accomplish its own wicked desires. 

Our hearts need to be checked constantly before the mirror of God's word, so we can say, "Am I pleasing you today, Lord? Did I speak that which was good? Are these pants a bit too tight for me? Is this blouse appropriate for my body? Is this dress depressing and dark for me? Was I kind to my husband today? Was I careful with my eyes and what I allowed my mind to take in?

We must understand that God's standards are high, but they do not overwhelm. They give life to the thirsty and broken.

Jasmine is a wife and homeschooling mom of 10 years. She is passionate about mothering and raising children who are compassionate, confident, and loving individuals. Jasmine's newest adventure includes homeschooling and training her youngest child who has Down syndrome.

She is the author and founder of Far Above Rubies, a website dedicated to promoting biblical womanhood and was recently featured in Nancy Campbell's Above Rubies Magazine issue #84, April 2012. Jasmine has had the privilege of writing for Raising Homemakers and numerous other websites who are dedicated to mentoring and teaching women to embrace their highcalling as wives, mothers, and homemakers.

You can connect with Jasmine on Facebook and Twitter.


2 Modest Musings:

Jordan said...

Mrs. Jasmine, thank you for sharing with such honesty. I have learned something new from each contributor of this series.

As someone that has grown up in a Christ believing home all of my life, I often forget how life would be if I hadn't.

To read your testimony and see how God has drawn you near to Him is amazing. It really makes me appreciate your definition for modesty and receive your advice with great humility.

Thank you for sharing your heart! May God Bless You! ~Jordan

Far Above Rubies said...

Jordan, thank you so much. I'm so happy my testimony blessed. God is so good and gracious.