May 23, 2012

Modest Mentor Series~Natalie

Welcome to Pure Modesty’s, Modest Mentors Series!

In the spirit of Titus 2, I have asked women whom I greatly respect and admire to answer a few questions that relate to modesty. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t have all the answers nor have I arrived at being a “Modest Mentor” myself, because dressing modestly is more than just skirts!
I hope the interviews in this series will be helpful wherever you are in your journey of becoming a virtuous woman!

Today's interview is with Natalie from Visionary Womanhood.

The term Modesty has a broad definition these days. What does Modesty mean to you?

I believe modesty means NOT dressing, doing, and saying things that would draw attention to myself and glorify myself in the eyes of others, but rather, dressing, doing, and saying things that would draw attention to Jesus Christ, the King of the Universe, and bring glory to HIM.

I can be all “covered up”, and yet have an immodest attitude or say immodest things that cause others to “notice” ME.  I can be all covered up, but be wearing something flamboyant that draws attention to ME. 

Modesty is loving and serving Jesus and others rather than selfishly serving SELF. 

Have you always dressed modestly? Why? (If not describe briefly what changed.)

I grew up in a new Christian home (my parents got saved when I was a little girl), and was blessed to have a mom and dad who taught me to put others first and to dress in such a way that would SHINE for Jesus Christ and bring Him honor. 

I was taught that we are ambassadors for the King, and as such, must dress and act nobly as His royal representatives.  We did not have set “rules” like “wear skirts only” or “don’t wear jewelry”.  But we were taught the principle of dressing modestly and nobly in our generation, so I’ve embraced a vision for that most of my life.  

How would you answer, "I can dress how I want because Jesus looks at my heart!"

My response would be, “It is true that Jesus sees your heart; however, it is NOT true that you can dress “how you want” UNLESS you WANT to dress to please Him!  Those who love Him, will seek to please Him.  He sees the motives of our hearts…whether they are noble and pure…or selfish.  If they are noble and pure, they will act in perfect accordance with His Word and His will, which speaks in many places of the way we dress and carry ourselves. The Word of God is clear on two things: Dress like a woman.  Dress in such a way that you will avoid stumbling your brother in Christ.  This is love.

In addition, the Word of God says “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9)  So tread carefully whenever you speak of your heart.  Jesus DOES know your heart.  To boast that YOU do… is folly.

What do you think is the greatest challenge women face today when it comes to purity and virtue?

Our greatest challenge is our own sinful, selfish hearts.  We cannot blame society, our parents, other Christians, our husbands, our churches, or anyone or anything outside of ourselves.  It all comes from inside our hearts.  Our flesh desires to be noticed and admired.  If dressing flamboyantly or in such a way as to reveal our curvy features brings us the admiration we crave, we will pursue that…UNLESS the Holy Spirit gives us grace to pursue God’s good pleasure rather than our own.

Did you have a mentor? If not who was your greatest womanly influence?

My mentor was my mother.  She passed on to me all the things that God was teaching her as a new believer.  God was HUGE in my mom’s life…and I grew up knowing that He was the center of the universe.  I’m so grateful for that perspective…what a blessing.  We moms have such a critical impact on our children for good or evil.  She always dressed in lovely clothing that did not draw attention to herself in any way.  She was (and is) a noble woman of God.

Would you like to share any other wisdom with my readers?

Rather than focusing on “self”, keep focused on the beautiful Savior, Jesus Christ.  He was a meek, holy, powerful, noble, kind, loving, self-sacrificing, gentle, and obedient servant.  And He was (and is) God.  The King of the Universe.  We are not above our Master.  We must ardently pursue Him (by studying and obeying His Word and communicating with Him in prayer) as our greatest Treasure…and the more we follow, trust, and love Him, the more our lives will be affected in all facets…including how we dress.  

Do you seek to be beautiful?  Put on LOVE.  Love is always beautiful!

Natalie Klejwa is a child of the King, wife of 20 years to Joe, and mother to 9 miracles ages 0-18.
Natalie is the creator of Apple Valley Natural Soap, which gives her children an opportunity to earn money at home and expand their own entrepreneurial endeavors. Passionately believing in the sovereignty of God and the sufficiency of Scripture for all of life, she has rejected the Wemmick culture box and prefers the ancient paths found in the Word of God. Natalie taught high school English when she was single and has been discipling women for 25 years through full time campus ministry, personal mentoring, writing, and Bible studies. More recently, she is the founder of Visionary Womanhood Gatherings in the Twin Cities area, which began almost five years ago, and she is also the administrator of the Visionary Womanhood blog and author of Visionary Womanhood Gatherings, A Family Strengthening Mentorship Tool for Women and Maidens. You can hear her being interviewed on Kevin Swanson's Generations with Vision radio program.


2 Modest Musings:

Terry @ A Mom's Many Lessons said...

Well said, Natalie. Thanks! It really is all about our heart attitude - and that's the big 'why' in everything we do, say, or wear.

Jordan said...

Wow! Very well written! I really appreciate your answer to "What do you think is the greatest challenge women face today when it comes to purity and virtue?" Thank you for sharing your heart with all of us! ~Jordan