January 17, 2012

Tending Your Garden

Here are some lovely quotes taken from Tending Your Garden by Denise Sproul.
This is one of the books I purposed to read this month and I am so thankful I did!

"It is necessary for women to fight the temptation to want to make a name for themselves, even if it is only in cyberspace. And women should be very careful not to justify the time and energy they spend in such pursuits by saying that they are just helping their husbands and are only doing so under his authority...So we are to play supporting roles to our husbands lead. We should do this joyfully, as unto our Heavenly Husband, knowing that we support the greatest story ever told. This is not only enough, but more than enough. What glory and delight! We help model the Star and together we make known His glory in our life stories."

"We sometimes are tempted to mold our daughters into our own image, rather that the image of Christ. There is nothing wrong with our daughters enjoying the same things we do, whether it's music or cross-stitch, art or cooking. However, this should not be our goal. We shouldn't be striving to make them into a junior "us." We want to see our daughters become women of God and our sons men of God-mighty warriors for his kingdom, more righteous than we. The means to the end of raising godly seed is the application of the Word to our children's lives."

"Immersing our children in God's Word means there are plenty of formal means of "taking baths." That is, our homeschooling studies should be suffused with teaching from the Bible. We should be constantly bringing in Scripture references as they relate to whatever we are currently studying. Bathing them in God's Word also helps us establish our children's own faithful habits of bible reading. We should teach them to love the Word of God and to regularly read it."

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Anonymous said...

I ordered it last month and am so glad I did. Just started digging into it. Great book! Still have the Sproul family on my prayer list.