January 20, 2012

Lunch with the girls...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to leave the house and run a few errands.

Since we live in the Coolest Small Town, our downtown can get pretty busy with tourist and other people in our community, especially during lunch hour. We have several quaint cafes nestled between small business and as we drove down one of our main streets, two women caught my eye.

From my outsiders point of view, they could have been sisters or best friends. They walked tightly together, laughing as they entered the Stardust Cafe.

For a second I was jealous.

I can't remember the last time I had lunch with a girl friend of mine.

Just girls.

You know...calling your BFF, plan to meet somewhere trendy, order a salad and chat over the latest book your reading while sipping a peach flavored iced-tea.

But it was only for a second.

Then the sweetest sound came from the back seat.

"Mommy, I hungry."

Love made my heart bounce.

I have a car filled with four of the *bestest* BFF's a girl could ask for!

Lunch with the girls is different than I imagined before because my perspective has changed.

I still go to the trendiest cafe, only now it's my kitchen table.

Salad has been exchanged for cut veggies and ranch dip.

Peach iced-tea is served daily. In fact, we have tea parties at least twice a week!

These days my girl friends and I discuss books of all sorts. Amelia Bedilia, Laura Ingalls-Wilder...

 Today its Galatians.

And I can't wait for lunch!

1 Modest Musings:

Raising Mighty Arrows said...

What a great post, Stephanie. Sometimes it is so easy to notice everyone else and their friends, when truly mothers should have their best friends at their sides all day....their children.