July 30, 2012

Six Reasons to Quit

"Mommy, can I change my dress?"
 "No, why?"
"Jenny, (the neighbor-girl accross the street) said she didn't like my dress."
"She said that?"
"Well no, but she said she liked Anabelle's and didn't say anything about mine." 
Tears starting to swell in her beautiful brown eyes...

My four year old is worried about her clothes.

I have work to do, and it's surely not here.

When I began Pure Modesty, I had no idea I would end up with over 1500 fans and friends! (I'm seriously amazed!) 

Because we are all given the same amount of time in which to use our day, I need to be a good steward of every minute I am blessed with. I want my Heavenly Father to say to me,"Well done..."

With prayer and counsel from my husband, this season of blogging for me has come to an end.

It has been my prayer from the beginning, you would find encouragement and resources to help you along in your journey, where ever it may be, to glorify the Lord through feminine dress, and homemaking by breathing life into your home.

Even though I will no longer write post or share other wonderful links, this site will remain open as a resource for you.

If you notice, there is a new tab titled, "31:24 & More" If you have a cottage industry, web-site, ebook, Etsy store, or you are a "consultant" working from your home, I would love to have you listed under this tab. I created this tab to help women who are contributing from home to aid in their "home economy" Please email me at puremodesty info at gmail dot com. If you would like to be listed.

I will also be removing my Facebook account, as it is one less responsibility to look over.

Just as I began this blog with a giveaway, I would love to end it with one as well! Stay in touch this week to see what the prize will be!

Thank you for your loving support!

In His service,


11 Modest Musings:

Claudia Jabieski said...

YES!!!! I have a lot of blogging friends and it genuinely concerns me how much time they carve out of their day to write about mommyhood- all the while missing it. Praying for you!

Jacinda Vandenberg said...

I will miss you, Stephanie, but I'm so thankful you're making the decision. There is nothing more important than serving the Lord by serving our families. Love you!

Anonymous said...

My dear Stephanie. I will miss you ..But I undestand..we all get distracted from our real work as helpmeets mothers and keepers at home.I am guilty of it.. god bless you and your sweet family..you know Idaho misses you. Hope

Hope said...

I will miss u. But I understand how we all can get caught up and distracted from our real job as helpmeets mothers and keepers of the home. Thank you for being such an encouragement to me.. god bless you and ypur sweet little family.(Idaho misses you)

Rachel said...

I'll miss your wonderful newsletters, but I understand exactly. God bless!!

Shelly said...

I will miss your posts, but know that you are doing the right thing. My family is already out of the nest, so I know how valuable your time with your children is. Thank you for leaving everything here as a resource. I do often refer to your tabs as resources for myself and others. Blessings and hugs!!!

HappyMrsBass said...

Stephanie... Know that you will be missed! But know how many women totally respect you and your most amazing decision to love and bless your family! You are an encouragement to me and many others!
Thank you for leaving Pure Modesty open for others to share, there is so much to learn from this blog!
Blessing sweet friend!

Amy said...

I just saw this now (I've been a little out of touch this past week from moving to a new house). I will miss you too! Sometime I think of quitting for the same reasons. Enjoy your children, your family, and your home!

Charity said...

Just doing a little catch-up blog reading and saw this! I will miss you, but real life is so much more important! Blessings

Eize en Annemieke said...

Just saw this now, I will miss looking for new blog messages but I can understand that it takes more time than you want. Thanks for all the things you have put on your blog till now. Blessings, Annemieke.

Paula said...

Oh, I just found this post. I will miss you, Stephanie, but what a wonderful testimony you've left to us all about what is truly valuable in life. Many blessings to you and your family!