July 27, 2012

How to Grow Your Blog Review & Weekend Links

Here are a couple of  links I wanted to pass along, but first I want to share with you my review of, "How to Grow Your Blog, and Manage Your Home" by Jacinda from Growing Home.

When I began blogging three years ago, I had no clue what I was doing, I just wanted a place to write. Write what? I had no idea, but everyone was doing it and I wanted to as well. Big mistake!

Once I figured out what I wanted to write about, I still did it poorly, and what I did learn, I  learned the hard way!

How to Grow Your Blog, and Manage Your Home is perfect for women who want their blogs to thrive without compromising the well being of their homes and families.

First thing first: Should You Blog? This is the first and most important chapter in her book. I don't think this is a chapter written solely for the newbie blogger. Every blogger needs a heart-check from time to time. The truth of this chapter is convicting and loving all at the same time!

Jacinda writing is easy to read! I will be the first to admit, I am a computer nerd but in the wrong sense of the word. I'm not techy at all, so I am thankful when I have something in front of me I can easily understand and follow through with. From your blog layout and design, to making money blogging, Jacinda walks you through each step to having a better blog.
I wash I had this book three years ago!

If you are considering starting a blog, or want to give your current blog a fresh look,  I would recommend you also purchase Jacinda's other ebook, "How to Design a Blog for FREE." Again, Jacinda breaks down all the computer lingo into easy to understand how-to instructions.

Easy-peasy, I promise!

p.s., Jacinda gave me a free copy, but all opinions are my own. :0)

Now for the links...

If you scroll down my sidebar to "Kindred Spirits" you will see "Heroines of the Faith"
JES is so lovely and delightful and encouraging and I simply hope that you will subscribe to her blog. My daughters and I have been working through the Bible very slowly so we can soak in as much detail as possible when it comes to the places and people we are reading about. JES has a wonderful post about Why Noah's Flood is Important for Mothers and Maidens. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  You should also consider reading through her Godly Princess Unit Study!

Visit Life With jack for some encouraging words for mom's from 1 Corinthians 13. I really enjoyed this!

Last night our family was able to listen to some beautiful Bluegrass music downtown. I am still in awe that the Lord has brought us here! Isn't this beautiful!?

Whatever your plans are, I pray you have a great weekend!
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Sara Shay, Your Thriving Family said...

Thanks for sharing Stephanie. I ran across the book a while back, I actually stopped posting regularly for a month or two after baby came cause I needed a heart check.