May 11, 2012

Things to do this weekend

Watch this trailer then buy the movie.

Read Doug's Blog

Understand what Secular Humanism is and why it is so important:

"If you pay attention, you might notice there is a war against biblical marriage. We keep seeing the courts trying to redefine words, especially when it comes to family. We saw this when the word "baby" became "fetus". When we use this definition, it is easier to make people believe a baby is not a real, living soul, but only a clump of cells. 

This is the same reason people are trying so hard to change the meaning of the word "marriage." Since marriage is a biblical concept and the method through which God builds societies, people who reject God need to separate the word from it's religious source. They need to replace it with their own "modern" definition so they don't have to be accountable to anyone. They want to do their own things.

The courts also keep trying to change the meaning of other family definitions like "mother," "father," "boy" and girl." We are seeing this take place more and more in schools in America.

In reality, this type of maneuver seeks to destroy God's pre-ordained order. When we pass laws saying every public school child will learn that gay, lesbian and transgender lifestyles are "normal" and appropriate ways of defining "family," this is the work of something evil. The issue is not "human rights"... it is more insidious than that. In a general sense, the Bible calls it rebellion against God. More specifically it is a philosophy called "Secular Humanism""
~Leah D. Smith, "Diapers, Dishes & Dominion. How Housewives Can Change the World."

Pray fervently for our fallen world. 
That the Creator of the Universe will bestow His Mercy upon us.

Who will rise up for me against the wicked? Who will take a stand for me against evildoers?~ Psalm 94:16


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