January 04, 2012


New is a word our family has been using frequently.

New State.
New Home.
New Job.
New Baby.
New Friends.
New Church.
I have a "new" vision for Pure Modesty as well. After looking over my stats, I was able to see what my dear readers are interested in. Give-aways, The Clothing Directory, DIY and How-to's will still remain on Pure Modesty.
There is a common theme I have noticed amongst some of my favorite blogs.
It is of course no coincidence, however  it seems to be "Home."
Re-newing our homes, nurturing our homes, returning our hearts to our homes....
So what's new?
I will be adding more posts to this very important area of our lives that I pray will inspire you to Cultivate a Life-Giving Home.
I don't wish for Pure Modesty to be exclusively about dressing modestly. Biblical femininity encompasses so much more. Caring for our homes and the people within it's walls is domestically feminine and honoring. What could be more feminine than to serve our families?
How about you? What's "new" for you this year?
"And he that sat upon the throne said, Behold, I make all things new. And he said unto me, Write: for these words are true and faithful."~Revelation 21:5

ps...I tip my hat to "real" web designers because this was an experience I hope to never repeat. There are still a few items left unfinished but I'm not too worried. I have pals like my sweet friend Courtney, Musings of a Ministers Wife, Raising Mighty Arrows and Growing Home who are willing to share bloggy secrets.

5 Modest Musings:

Musings Of A Minister's Wife said...

It looks fantastic! I really, really, really like your banner. Really!

And your "modest musings". Not that I'm biased or anything. :)

I am looking forward to learning more and more from you.

Paula said...

I love the look of your new blog! Simply lovely!

Raising Mighty Arrows said...

You did a great job on the new site! Congratulations to it and all your NEW things for 2012. :)

The Momma said...

This is my first time on the new site. It looks really good! Did you do this all yourself?

Stephanie said...

Wow! Thank you for all your kind words! (and yes, I did do this myself!)