September 01, 2011

Why Mom's Don't Wear White

Labor Day weekend is here and since some of what I post is in realtion to fashion, I wanted to share with you some little tib-bits on the whole "Don't Wear White After Labor Day" hoopla.

I found some mixed information about why one would not wear white after Labor Day.

But I have my own theory...more on that later.

According to some reports, only those in high society and well to do would sport white attire (or pastels) while vacationing during the summer months. Once the holiday was over and the season changed to fall, the wealthy would trade out the summer wardrobe for an entirely different set of frocks and you would not want to be caught wearing a past seasons style.

If you were of middle to lower class, you could wear white however most did not, as stated above it was more for the elite.  The reason most people of lower classes did not wear white was because it was not a practical color to wear. Before we were spoiled with electronic washing machines, past generations had limited wardrobes. It was not uncommon to have one or two dresses which they were worn dirty, saving all laundry until a "laundry day."

Dry cleaning was not discovered until the mid-19th century and bleach was not a common cleaner until the mid 50's. For those of lower class, wearing white simply was not practical.

And I agree.

You see, we are the same woman you see in the picture. Oh I'm sure you're imagining you are the glamorous lady in the white evening dress, gazing into an unknown of yachts, maids and spa treatments.

Um...wake-up sweetie! I'm talking about the lovely housewife displaying her laundry skills!

She is me... I know what it takes to do seven laundry loads a week (and I am thankful for such) and because I am a mother to many, I am practical.

You see I have been doing my own research into where this no wearing white *rule* came from. After 13 years of in-home, clinical research (mother-hood) I have come to a single conclusion.

The real reason you, "Don't Wear White after Labor Day" is because a beautiful and practical housewife knew better!

Don't believe me? The proof is in the pictures...

Super cute skirt or kleenex?

Got Boys?

eh hem...blow-outs happen...

 And my favorite reason for not wearing white...

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