August 22, 2011

Worthy Reading

A LETTER TO GIRLS I KNOW ~There is so much goodness written in this piece, I don't even want to comment on it! Please read this and share it!

THE CHALLENGE ~ Some of my dear readers are new to a modest way of dressing and several have asked me, "How do I start, what do I wear?" I would encourage you to pop on over the Feelin' Feminine and take the challenge! I am an all or nothing type of person and I literally gave away  the entire contents of my closet to the Goodwill when I started dressing modestly and started with a fresh "new" wardrobe. Call me crazy, it's OK, you won't hurt my feelings. However, I know many of you are more rational and would consider gleaning from the other blogger's who have taken the challenge themselves. Anna and Miriam from Maidens of Worth has posted "Through the Week in Feminine Dress" if you are looking for some idea's!

COLORS ~ Kelly and Andrea from Ah The Life have a splendid post on color analysis, choosing the correct colors that complement you. Taken from the article, "Modesty dictates that our clothes draw attention to our face and eyes rather than our bodies. When a person wears colors that compliment the way God created them, the effect will be a spotlight on their face." Oh what I would'nt give to sit with Andrea and Kelly and have them help me with colors. Be sure to scroll down to the second article written on colors where Andrea and Kelly answer a readers question about suggestions for resources on modesty.

Happy reading!

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