July 20, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday~Summer #4

I'm sharing this post with The Modest Mom today for a "girls" edition to Modest Monday's!

(If your stopping by from The Modest Mom, please know this is an older post from last summer but I thought I would still share! :0) )

Today I want to share with you a few pictures of my girls, instead of my self, since this is the last post for the summer series of Wardrobe Wednesdays. I don't normally dress my girls to match or coordinate but today is special. Today after  violin lessons we are going for ice-cream! The colors they're wearing remind me of sherbet... orange and raspberry. ( I think there is lime too but that's not my favorite )

My favorite sherbet is raspberry, what's yours?

Enjoy your day and have some ice-cream!

9 Modest Musings:

Heather said...

You have beautiful girls! :)

Lisa said...

Your girls are beautiful, Stephanie. And I think I'll go eat a Klondike bar - one of my many favorites. :)


Stephanie said...

Thank you!

Stephanie said...

YUM! I havn't had one of those in forever!

Paula said...

These pics of your lovely little ladies prove that modest, feminine dress does not have to be uncomfortable! These look like very comfy, playable outfits!

Charlene said...

I echo Paula's comments - I love they have sleeves! That is hard to find. Did you make any of these dresses, or just hit the right place to buy them?

Stephanie said...

Hi Charlene!
I shop at yard sales, thrift stores and consignment stores for all of my families clothing unless it's on sale at a department store. I do sew our own clothes but I did not sew these dresses.
If you go to the Clothing tab and scroll down to Little Girls, I have a few resources listed there to shop from!

Caroline @ The Modest Mom said...

So cute! Thank you for sharing at Modest Mondays. :)

Nicole said...

Your girls look adorable! I'm not much of a sherbet fan, I'm an ice cream kind of gal! Blessings to you :)

~Nicole, Working Kansas Homemaker