July 13, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday~Summer #3

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Since Ive been talking about sewing this week, I wanted to share with you some of my own summer creations!

The first two skirts shown I drafted myself using the book  "Sew What Skirts."

I took an idea from the book but made it to fit my style. I'm not a fan of the A-line skirt because for me, I look and feel like a giant bell. This skirt is a little bit A-line with a little bit Pencil Skirt. The bottom trim is actually from a pillow case! (Remember to think outside the box when looking for deals, trims and fabrics!)
This next skirt was patterned for a bottom tier. I took that idea and replaced it with a ruffled hem where the tier should have been.

Believe it or not I just whipped this skirt up yesterday!

The West Ladies created a tiered skirt in their DVD "The Art of Sewing" that seemed very simple to make and believe me it was! If you don't count the two diaper changes, three peanut butter & jelly sandwiches I made, the one "owee" that needed kissing and the one "Mommy will you read this to me?" story, I completed this skirt in about an hour!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow! I have some super fun videos in store!

6 Modest Musings:

Caroline said...

Super cute! I love the tier skirt!! And the pillowcase trim is adorable!

Hope said...

Those are beautiful.. I especially like the tier skirt..

Heather said...

These are very cute! I REALLY like the pillow case one! :)

Lisa said...

Beautiful! I esp. love the tier one!
Thanks for sharing!


Jess said...

Recently found your website while looking for skirt designs. I love your site, and your skirts. It is nice to find a website that focuses on modesty and all the great things that go along with it. Best wishes!

Joy said...

Hi Stephanie~

I just found your website, and I love it! You've done such a great job, and it's very encouraging. :)

I love the skirts you made!