April 23, 2012

Full of Purpose and Promise~April Update

I had taken a few months off from my Purpose and Promise schedule to relish in the joy of having our sixth baby and since then life has taken on a "new normal."

Working life around feeding's, naps and diapers has been some what of a challenge but more of a blessing. Through God's sovereignty, I feel Him molding and refining my heart a little each day.

With this new season of life, I had to cut back on my reading somewhat. Though I have two books listed for each month, it's simply not possible to fit them all in. I am going to keep the books listed and do my best to play catch up when more time becomes available so until then, I highlighted the books I plan to read.

This month I purposed to study medicinal healing herbs as well as essential oils. I am quickly learning this will be a continuous journey! There is so much to gain from the wonderful herbs God has provided, not only to heal us but to delight our meals with! Right now I am reading The ABC Herbal, from The Bulk Herb Store and I can not recommend it enough. The ABC Herbal  is very easy to read and if more time allowed I could have finished it in a day or two! This book is primarily written to treat your children with herbs and gives a wealth of information for recommending certain herbs for different ailments, tinctures, herbal first-aids, and herbs for emotional stress. This is an excellent book for the novice "herbalist" who wants to learn more about herbal treatments with out feeling too overwhelmed.

Kristy at Little Natural Cottage introduced me to some fabulous herbal extracts from Mountain Meadow Herbs. Feeling the effects of sleepless nights and roller coaster hormones, I am loving the H B (hormonal balance) Formula she suggested. I am also using the Blues Buster to help with post-partum depression. Both extracts are really affordable and tasty!

I have been so impressed with the quality of products and service from The Bulk Herb Store and Mountain Meadows Herbs, I have become an affiliate of both companies!

In my quest for researching and learning about herbs and essential oils, I have come across  a few other blogs dedicated to natural living and wellness. A few I would encourage you to visit are, Like A Mustard Seed, Jill's Home Remedies, Keeper of the Home, and Day 2 Day Joys. I also created a Pinterest Board to bookmark all my findings!

In other news...after much consideration and prayer we have decided to allow paid advertising and sponsorship to Pure Modesty! If you are interested in advertising with me, please visit my advertising tab for further information!


2 Modest Musings:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 6th baby and working on your "new normal!"

Nicole at Working Kansas Homemaker

Stephanie said...

Thank you Nicole!