February 23, 2012

Life Giving Link up!

The past few weeks I noticed how many giveaways were happening on-line, all across the blogging world.  It then occurred to me that we (women) love to give. We give our hearts, our time, our sleep, our gifts, our talents to our family, friends and strangers. We embrace scripture when it says better to give than to receive. We simply love to give! It's beautiful!

I pray that when my daughters see me, they instead gaze upon a reflection of Jesus and His life, knowing He is the true "Life Giver." (Romans 6:23)

On my header you will see the words, Grace, Home, Family, Faith, and Inspiration.
Words I chose for my daughters and words I hope to live out loud for them.

Life-giving words.

I have decided to host a weekly link-up each Thursday that incorporates each of the words listed above!

Share a post when you received grace or returned grace. Stories of salvation and answers to prayer!

Share a post relating to creating a life-giving home. Recipes, household tips, frugal ideas and encouragement.

I love reading about family traditions, values, and wonderful news! Stories of adoption and babies, milestones and life-happenings!

How is the Lord working in your life? Do you have a Bible study you are working through you would like to share?

What inspires you? Fine arts? Music? Literature? I love to sew and create and so do many of my readers. DIY's are always welcome! Do you home school? What about a home industry? These are all suggestions and idea's on what would be appropriate to share.

And of course...

Share your journey through modesty. Do you have a specific post relating to modesty, or a sewing idea? How has the Lord influenced you in this virtue?

There are no rules to this linky, I simply request that you do not share a link directly to your business site but rather your blog or other encouraging web-site. Please link back to Pure Modesty so that others may share in the fun as well!

2 Modest Musings:

Hannah said...

I am sorry to have missed this. Will this be a weekly thing? I am just now getting into link parties and series' and I would love to participate in this. Do you have a button yet (for the link up?) I'll check back next week! Thanks!
-Hannah Wetzel

Stephanie said...

Hannah, I plan to host a link-up each Thursday! I would love for you to join me!