February 13, 2012

A Few Favorite's & A Link-up

I had so much fun last week during my "Baby Shower" and I hope you did as well! Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who joined my party!

Today I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite's for mom and baby!

For Mom:

Do not be intimidated by the title! You do not have to have a large family in order to love this book. Anyone can glean from the ideas and inspiration Kim Brenneman shares in Large Family Logistics. This book is packed with helpful hints that speak of self-discipline and self-centeredness, creating your own home management binder and timely advice (for me) about how to manage your pregnancy and how to prepare for your baby! Even though I have read through Large Family Logistics, I still keep it at my bed-side table for great reminders and references!

Nursing Pads and Shells. I tried using the disposable nursing pads in the past and let me tell you...never again. Not only are they a waste of money and resources but they are scratchy and move out of place. Buy cotton or wool pads and you will not be disappointed! Nursing modestly can be tricky. I know there are plenty of nursing covers to choose from but here is another area you don't have to spend a lot of money. A dear friend of mine uses a crib-sheet to cover up and it works wonderfully! The elastic from the sheet hugs you while you nurse! But what about our backs being exposed from lifted shirts while nursing? Modest Middles are the best solution! These tanks are perfect for nursing while keeping modest!

For Baby:
Diapers. Disposable or Cloth? I have to tell you we are a disposable family. When our new baby makes her debut, we will have three children in diapers. That's a lot of p**p to wash! However, I'm still a fan of both! If you do use disposables or know a soon-to-be mama who also loves disposables, Joy shared on The Better Mom a super sweet disposable diaper craft!

What a great idea! You can also use the same idea for cloth diapers!

Another fantastic DIY for cloth diapers is to make burp rags!

Petite Lemon shows us how a little ribbon and fabric can transform a regular cloth diaper into a super cute burp rag!

Mom's need a good laugh:
Sleepless nights with a new baby can lead to a little crankiness from a new mama. I find that when I get a little tense, laughing and being just plain silly with my children helps! As well as  knowing I am not the only mom going through these emotions...such as it's good to know that I am not the only one who, because lack of sleep put my clothes on inside out! Kim C. at Life in a Shoe keeps me in stitches! Kimberly makes lite of the silliness in her family with her "Not Me" series at Raising Olives.

You can find even more of my favorite blogs at my "Sites for Sore Eyes" tab!

Speaking of blogs...this will be my last post (sort of) for a while as we get ready to welcome our new babe. There are a few posts scheduled for your enjoyment, however, I want to soak in the newness a baby brings and enjoy some much needed time off the computer with my sweet family. Before I go, I was hoping you would share some of your favorite things too! Please link to a post that shares your love for babies, family, mothering, and children! If you have a baby DIY or advice for a new mama out there that would be wonderful too! Just be sure to link back here!

I want to wish an early congratulations to Courtney at Simply Nurtured, Natalie at Visionary Womanhood, Sara at Your Thriving Family,  Bambi at In the Nursery of the Nation and Ester at Our Simple Country Life on the birth of their new babes when they too make a sweet debut into the world! If you are expecting a baby as well, many congratulations from me to you!

3 Modest Musings:

Kasey @ TFOMplus2 said...

Looking forward to hearing about the arrival of your precious little one!

Christi Sykes said...

I love Large Family Logistics! We are a family of 6, so you don't have to be a family of 12 to enjoy or benefit from this book! Great read! Can be read backwards, or you can start in the middle, or just read by subject, which is nice for busy moms!

Sara Shay, Your Thriving Family said...

Thanks! And congrats yourself! Cannot wait to see all the pictures and read the happy stories.