November 17, 2011

I Have A Little Mirror~Guest Post

I have a little mirror.

My mirror does not lie.

Does not pretend.

Does not soften reality.

My mirror is seven years old.

My daughter. My protege.

I can hide in church.

I can hide with my friends.

I can hide in this blog.

But my mirror faithfully reflects the state of my heart.

My dear friends and family know my faults.

They overlook. They forgive.

My mirror forgives, but she does not cease to reflect.

Sometimes I am angry at my mirror. I dislike the ugly image
she reveals.

I blame the mirror when I should blame myself.

I know that someday my little mirror will grow up, and she
might have little mirrors of her own.

Then she will understand my frustration, my struggles, my

Today, she does not understand.

She simply reflects.

I resist the urge to shut my eyes against the reflection,
pretending it is just a mar on my mirror.

I ask my Lord for strength to change, to grow, to yield, to

His abundant grace is there, for the taking.

For me.

Kristy Howard is a believer in Jesus Christ, a pastor's wife, and homeschooling mother of four.  She is passionate about living simply, naturally, and Biblically for the glory of God. Kristy is the owner of LittleNaturalCottage, where she furiously writes about her loves during nap time. She and her husband, Jeremy, make their home in North Texas, where they enjoy their growing family, their church, and their pursuit of a debt free life.

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