July 11, 2011

Where I Sew

Hello Ladies! This week I'm going to *talk* about sewing. Where I sew, when I sew, frustrations, patterns and a whole gaggle of tips and idea's!

I would love to welcome to my sewing room!

I love my little sewing sewing corner!

When I sit down to sew, I have in front of me a cork board I filled with lovely pictures and spaces to get my creative juices flowing! For instance a layout of our property and dream house, shabby furnishings, vintage linens, (my weakness) and pretty tea cups!

My husband and I have a vision of owning our own property where we can do what we please as far as how big our garden is and how many animals we can raise. (Right now we are renting.) I also have a dream for my girls and I to one day open our own "Tea Cottage" where we can host tea parties for bridal and baby showers, birthdays, Mothers Day brunches and elegant parties in general. My ideal would be to have our tea cottage nestled amongst our property!

You may be thinking... "So where is your sewing inspiration?"

On my sewing table I have my "Sewing Notebook."

I collect different tear-outs of magazines or catalogues that I hope to re-create myself and place them inside for a "scrapbook" style notebook.

I love this skirt and jacket combo!

My husband likes the tiered look of skirts so I'm looking for a similar pattern to this one I found at Anthropologie.


Sometimes I'll take my notebook along when I'm shopping for fabric or patterns to help remind me of what I'm looking for!

For safe keeping, I can use the inside pocket of the binder to hold e-patterns I download and print.

Have you had a chance to look through my "Fabric & Patterns" tab?

Contempory Cloth, Sew Mama Sew and Fashionable Fabrics are just a few of my favorites!

I have several companies listed that carry unique fabrics so have fun looking and be inspired too!

2 Modest Musings:

Jessica said...

Thanks so much for this! I have always wanted to sew but I have no idea, really. I have a sewing machine and that's it. So this will be great! I'd love to learn to sew my own clothes and things.

Joy said...

What a lovely sewing space, Stephanie! I have a little spot in our finished basement, and I'm just so happy to have the sewing machine out of the kitchen (where it lived for 5 years!). I love your sewing inspiration book...I've been working on making one of these for myself. I always have so many ideas for things I want to make (more ideas than time!). :)