July 06, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday~Summer #2

Welcome to Wardrobe Wednesday's where for four weeks in each season, I will share with you what's in my wardrobe!Keep in mind that 90% of my clothing is purchased from thrifts stores and yard sales because I never pay full price. I'm in no way trying to "show off" what's in my closet but instead encourge my readers to see that there are options when it comes to dressing modestly...

I think this is one of my favorite outfits. I love the print of the skirt and I love what I paid! $2 for the blouse and $3 for the skirt!

Every winter I buy legging's for my girls. When Summer rolls around, if  their leggings still fit but are a size to big  to pass down for the following winter, I cut the leggings to the knee. This helps them remain modest while running around and keeps the girls a little bit cooler during the summer heat!

5 Modest Musings:

Debbie Nowinski said...

I did not realize that was the same skirt. It's amazing how a different color shirt makes the skirt look totally different. Very, very nice!

Mrs. V said...

I have stumbled upon your site from Raising Homemakers and like it very much! I too buy most of my things from thrift stores and have had great success with dresses this summer. I haven't had much luck with skirts this season but am hoping that will change soon. Hope you have a great summer day!

Courtney said...

That is a very pretty skirt! I love comfy skirts made of soft, breathable fabric during the hot summer months! Sometimes I feel sorry for the men and boys who don't have the luxury of being able to keep cool in a skirt. I don't wear skirts exclusively, but they are by far the most comfortable and keep you the coolest, and of course most feminine and modest. Those a great pictures. I love the one of you kneeling, in conversation about houses and violins. ;)

Amy said...

Beautiful photos! Great idea to do with leggings! Maybe if I do that, I can convince my 10yo daughter to wear more dresses and skirts. She's such a tomboy that changing to modest dress has not been welcomed at all.

Stephanie said...

Hi Amy!

Thanks for the encouragement!
Do you sew? Maybe you can sew with your daughter to encourage her in dressing modestly. I find when I let my girls pick from two or three outfits they feel like they are the ones choosing. Perhaps you could let your daughter pick out some dress patterns and fabric. "The Handmade Dress" under the patterns Tab has patterns created exclusivly for the beginer in mind.

That way the dress becomes her. This could apply to choosing store baught clothes as well.
I hope that helps!