June 29, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday~Summer #1

Welcome to Wardrobe Wednesday's where for four weeks in each season, I will share with you what's in my wardrobe! Keep in mind that 90% of my clothing is purchased from thrifts stores and yard sales because I never pay full price. I'm in no way trying to "show off" what's in my closet but instead encourge my readers to see that there are options when it comes to dressing modestly...

I love the print of this skirt and when I found it at the thrift store it was actually a size 16.  I'm a size 10-12 so I simply altered the skirt myself! When you're shopping for clothes at a thrift store or yard sale, keep in mind that you can still make the clothes fit your style and size! You can add any embellishment to your "new" clothes such as lace trim, buttons, a broach or  flower made from fabric! (A tutorial on that later this week!)

You may be wondering... "Why does she look so annoyed?"

Well, yesterdays "photo-shoot" did not goes as planned.

I had about two seconds to use this time in our busy schedule,  it was a bazillion degrees out-side and I'm standing next to a flower bed that has what seemed to me a very large amount of bees...I'm allergic to bees.

Also, my tri-pod was in my bedroom where my baby was sleeping so I used the next best thing. My five year old daughter! She did her utmost to help mommy out, even if the picture was crooked!

1 Modest Musings:

Courtney said...

Very pretty! I like your idea for Wardrobe Wednesdays!